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A good professional dancer can add life to your event. Fame Glam have wide variety of dancers who create spellbinding atmosphere with their vibrant performances. With years of learning and practicing the dance skills they have mastered the art of expressing ideas and stories in their performances.

We serve you with the best dancers of every genre. There are various types of dancers we provide to enlighten you event. They add glam to your show and entertain all your guests.With all their excellent dances moves and impressive performances they make it worth paying for them. You can select any dancer according to your need and your budget.

Be it wedding functions, festivals, private parties or a product launch we have dancers for every occasion. We provide you dancers for wide variety of styles such as contemporary, jazz, hip – hop, ballet, free Bollywood style, ballroom dancing, classical and regional dance. We serve you with individual dancers and dance groups as well. We have people for Bollywood dance scenes also. They pick up the choreography quickly and delight you with their beautiful performance.

Dancers at Fame Glam get their own space, their own brand name. We help you with your portfolio and to shape your career with us. We widen your reach to the clients with our extended network to the clients worldwide. By connecting with Fame Glam you can get more and more offers and get recognized for your work.This is a perfect platform for you to show your talent to the world. The more number of client you get, the more experience you gained and the more exposure.

Dance is much more than just a performance. It’s about your talent and the passion for dancing but you should always get a justified amount for your work. We help you get paid according to the market standards. At Fame Glam you can get in touch with others dancers as well. You can be a part of our network and meet choreographers, directors, wedding planners and singers at Fame Glam. With them you can set your feet in entertainment industry. It will help your career as a dancer and you can achieve your goals easily. Fame Glam is place to level-up your talent and getting fame for your work. With a huge number of clients and a wide network around the globe we will provide you the best possibilities for your career.

Why Fame Glam:

  • Fame Glam will definitely give you a huge brand
  • Helps to increase your network.
  • Helps to brush up your talents and skills in order getting various types of experience.
  • You can have your own setup and wings as a dancers.
  • Fame Glam will give you number of options as per your tastes and shades.
  • Fame, Name, and Success is sure shot.