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Singers are someone, who helps to stand out for a glitter to make your event even more elegant and beautiful by adding melodies and making the public feel good. If you have urgent requirement for a singer, Fame Glam is your place. We provide you a vast variety of singers for every genre. Whether it is for an event or be it playback singing, we have brilliant singers for every occasion. Singers – who will let you go crazy with their melodious voice.

For all your events, corporate parties, religious functions, college fests and social events, Fame Glam serve you with the best singers of their field. We have singers well trained for playback singing for movies and albums. We provide you wide range of singers such as classical singers, folk singers, jazz singers, pop singers, blues singers, ghazal singers, rappers and many more. All singers are expert at entertaining everyone with the magic of their voice. You get a broad range for the rate of singers so that you can select without putting extra load on your budget. You can look for various types of singers according to the event and parties. At Fame Glam you can get both individual singers as well as singing groups.

Fame Glam is a big platform where any singer can boost his/her career in entertainment industry. With a long reach to the clients around the world we give you high opportunities to set your pace in this field. Even if you are a fresher, you can get good offers for your talent. You get positive vibes when you get appreciation for your talent. We make sure you always get credit for your work. At Fame Glam you get your brand name, your space and we help you making your portfolio excellent.

With Fame Glam you can get in regular touch with other top brand singers of multiple types like rock, jazz and so on. You can get in the network of directors, recording studios, dancers, choreographers and music bands at Fame Glam. This will surely help you getting more and more offers. We help you getting fair price for your work. With branding your name and world class exposure we give you best possibilities for your career.So if you are blessed with a good voice don’t ruin this chance by limiting yourself to local audience. Join us at Fame Glam and show your talent to the whole world.

Why Fame Glam:

  • Fame Glam will definitely give you a huge brand
  • Helps to increase your network.
  • Helps to brush up your talents and skills in order getting various types of experience.
  • You can have your own setup and wings as a singers.
  • Fame Glam will give you number of options as per your tastes and shades.
  • Fame , Name , and Success is sure shot.