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Supporting Actor

Entertainment industry requires a hell lot supporting actors in almost every project. A film may have two or three lead actors but a lot more supporting actors.Without supporting actors , not any show can work up be it to the comedy shows, movies , serials. Fame Glam provides you a range of supporting actors to fulfill your needs. We have some very experienced supporting actors well fitted for major roles, people suitable for short roles, people for crowd in a film, crowd for corporate and music industry, you will get from quality to quantityeverything at Fame Glam.

With us you get a benefit to choose the supporting cast according to your need of age, gender and any other special requirement. We provide you supporting actors specialized for action scenes, for drama, and actors with especial abilities like swimming, riding, dancing etc.You can view the profile of any actor, check their past experience of acting and then call the suited ones for the audition (if needed). We have supporting actors for films, television, commercials and plays. At Fame Glam you can choose supporting actors according to your budget.

For all struggling actors and beginners in acting field Fame Glam is providing a platform to get work in entertainment industry. With Fame Glam, you will share a big platform with all other actr actress and other celebrities too and hence will learn new things and experience. If you are a struggler you know how hard it is to get offers and then getting appreciation for your work. Sometimes even after giving your best to the character played, you don’t get to be a part of spotlight. Fame Glam helps you to get credit for your work. Through your profiles we show your best work to our clients around the world. You can get more and more offers with us.

For beginners in acting field, Fame Glam is your gateway to get into this industry. With a reach to the clients worldwide and our network of film directors, actors, choreographers and recording studios we can help you set your feet in entertainment industry. By getting in touch with other experienced actors at Fame Glam you can work on your acting skills, and all the varities of skills you need for being a brand supporting actor. We help you in building your portfolio excellent. In short, we would help you in every possible way to set your career in this industry.